Our doctors


Dr Renzo Hurtado
  • Studied Human Medicine at the Faculty of the University of San Martin de Porres
  • Studied application of appliances and phototherapy in Cordoba Argentina
  • Studied Aesthetic Medicine at Pinto Institute in Buenos Aires – Argentina
  • In-country Expert Trainer for the Italian DEKA brand of Lasers
  • Director of the clinic


dr enrique yuen

Dr Enrique Yuen

Specializing in:

  • Graduated from San Martin de Porres University in Lima in June 2002 after 8 years of studies. He is also licensed in Spain and has a degree from 2010.
  • CEREC 3D CAD CAM officially licensed Expert Trainer in Peru. There are very few dentists with this title and only 21 in all of South and Central America
  • Meanwhile, his further studies have taken him to the USA, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Asuncion, Santo Domingo and Iguazu where he has excelled in his chosen field of specialization, Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry.
  • Has a team of 6 dentists in one of the most advanced clinics in all of Latin America.

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr Daniel Saco-Vertiz

Dr Daniel Saco-Vertiz

Specializing in:

  • University of San Martín de Porres – Specialist Plastic surgeon, Reconstructive & Aesthetic, Residency in Plastic Surgery, 2014 – 2017
  • Specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery with license CMP 49075 and RNE (specialist) N° 34624 issued by the Colegio Medico del Peru
  • Member of the Peruvian Society of Plastic Surgery
  • University of San Martín de Porres – General and Laparoscopic Surgeon, Residency in General Surgery, 2009 – 2012
  • PINTO INSTITUTE – Master in aesthetic medicine and anti-aging, aesthetic medicine, 2009 – 2009
  • Activities and Societies: SOARME Member, PASAM
  • University of San Martín de Porres – Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Residency in Plastic Surgery and General Surgery 2000 – 2007
  • Peruvian University Cayetano Heredia – National baccalaureate, Baccalaureate, 1999


Plastic Surgery lima

Dr Daniel Saco-Vertiz, international Plastic Surgery and Anti-Aging Congress, Monaco France, April 2019

Weight Loss & Bariatric Surgery

Doctora Paola Dongo

Dra Paola Dongo

Specializing in:

  • Studied at the University of San Martín de Porres 2008 – 2011 with a specialty in General Surgery, license 49166 and RNE (specialist) license 23035 from the Colegio Medico del Peru
  • Studied Human Medicine at the University Científica del Sur 2000 – 2006
  • She is a member of the International Federation for Obesity Surgery and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO)
  • Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS)
  • Latin American Association of Endoscopic surgeons (ALACE)
  • Member of the Peruvian Associations of Obesity and Metabolism (APCOM), plus Bariatric Surgery and Obesity
  • Peruvian Society of Endoscopic Surgery and General Surgery
  • Assisted at conferences in Canada, Argentina, Lima.
  • Publication: Evolution of Hyperinsulinemia in Gastric Sleeve. Poster. IFSO 2014 XIX World Congress International Federation for Obesity Surgery and Metabolic Disorders. Montreal, Canada Agosto 26-30, 2014

Pediatric Physiotherapist

Helen Binge

Specializing in:

  • Posture, growth and development of babies and children
  • Advice and reassurance to parents
  • Premature babies and developmental delay
  • Hypotonia and hypermobility syndromes
  • Cerebral palsy and neurological conditions
  • Plagiocephaly (or flat head syndrome)
  • Postural problems, such as torticollis, scoliosis, talipes equino varus, pes planus
  • Motor Incoordination, ADD and ADHD
  • Respiratory physiotherapy for asthma, cystic fibrosis, bronchiolitis
  • Physiotherapy consultant to schools
  • Please contact us for other treatments
  • Graduated as Member of Chartered Society of Physiotherapists in 1979, Middlesex Hospital, London UK
  • Post Graduate: Grad Dip Phys, 1984, London UK
  • Specialized in Paediatrics at the Hospital for Sick children, Great Ormond St, London, UK 1980 to 1982
  • Clinical Tutor and Senior Paediatric Physiotherapist, Belgrave Hospital, London. 1982 to 1984.
  • Physiotherapist in Charge, Special unit, Dover Court School, Singapore 1985 to 1990
  • Paediatric Specialist, Nyon Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland 1996 to 2009
  • Head Physiotherapist, Watchdog Educational services, Hong Kong 2010 to 2017
  • Private Practitioner at London Medical clinic, Central, Hong Kong 2015 to 2017
  • Consultant Paediatric Physiotherapist to International schools in Singapore, Geneva, Hong Kong and Lima
  • Speaker at numerous Health and Educational conferences worldwide.
  • Founder of several baby clinics and presently running a not for profit Clinic, “Lima Babies”, in Lima Peru
  • Also trained as Infant Massage instructor as well as a Reflexologist, specializing in women’s problems.


Dr Aron Stumvoll

Specialized in:

  • Ten years of experience attending patients with different illnesses and pains with good results through the use of Chiropractic treatments.
  • Doctorate in Chiropractic from North-western Health Sciences University in Minnesota, United States.
  • He won several awards and recognition for his development as a chiropractor and athlete.
  • He has treated patients with scoliosis, severe deviations of the spine, gastritis, migraine, among other ailments and ilnesses, which had positive results.
  • Seminar Chiropractic Care of the Young Pediatric Patient: the basics of assessing, diagnosing, and adjusting babies and young children. April 13 & 14 2018.
  • Certification in Chiropractic radiology, Northwestern College of Chiropractic, July 2009.
  • Wellness, Nutrition and Natural Health 2008, Dallas, Texas.
  • Bachiller in psychology at Concordia University, St Paul, Minnesota USA 2002 – 2005
  • World Chiropractic summit, Lima, Peru September 2011
  • And many other seminars and summits over the last years


Dr Raul Vargas Castillo

Specializing in:

  • Cataract
  • Lasik
  • Glaucoma
  • Retina and Vitreous
  • Neuro Ophthalmology
  • Paediatric Ophthalmology
  • Squint
  • Ocular plastic surgery
  • Please contact us for more treatments
  • Studied Retina and Macula surgery, Luis A Sanchez Bulnes Hospital (APEC) Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Cataract Surgery and Anterior Segment (AVAO) Caracas, Venezuela.
  • Specialist in Ophthalmology, Institute of Ophthalmology (INO) Lima, Peru.
  • Specialist in Lasik Eye Correction treatment


Dra. Erika Valdivia

Specializing in:

  • The fight against the stigma in mental health
  • Psychiatric Therapy
  • Psychosis
  • Depression
  • Family Therapy
  • Couples & Marriage Problems
  • Personality Disorders
  • Registered Psychiatrist, CMP licence 51192 and specialist licence RNE 2564
  • Human Medicine URP – 7 years Peru
  • Rural service – 1 year Peru
  • Psychiatric residence – Spain 4 years
  • Specialist in integrative therapy – Spain 1 year
  • Emergency mental health expert – Spain 1 year
  • Expert in ADHD – Spain 1 year
  • Specialist in psychoanalytic clinic and psychotherapy – Spain 2 years
  • Training in Systemic Therapy (family and couple) – Spain 3 years
  • Family therapy in US immigrants – 4 months, USA
  • Research and publications – Spain
  • Master’s in Health Management – 2 years. UPCH
  • Dedicated to the fight against the stigma in mental health.

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