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breast reduction

August 23, 2020

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Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) is the solution for women who are burdened by the weight and size of their breasts. The excess skin, fat, and other connective tissue is sculpted into a set of shapely, symmetrical breasts that fit the natural contours of the body.

When is the Breast Reduction Procedure Advisable?

The best candidates for breast reduction surgery are women who have passed the childbearing years of their life. However, this is simply a general precaution for women who are worried about the shape and size of their breasts changing during this phase.

Breast reduction surgery is advisable for younger patients who understand they can always have a second surgery after childbearing or maturity. Breast reduction surgery is recommended for the following issues:

  • Negative body image from disproportionate size
  • Chronic pain in the back, neck, and shoulders from the weight
  • Limits on athleticism and daily tasks
  • Clothing and bra restrictions due to size
  • Chronic outbreaks of rashes or skin irritation under the breasts
  • Disproportionate breasts where one is larger than the other

Overview of the Breast Reduction Procedure



A consultation prepares patients for the surgery by assessing their individual needs. Breast reduction surgery will not reduce the ability to perform cancer screenings nor will it increase your risk for cancer. Yet, we ask that you please provide your medical history and any recent mammogram images you may have to monitor the healing process, if possible. And of course, you can save money by doing breast reduction in Lima. Read more here.

Our English-speaking specialist cosmetic surgeon will advise you to stop taking certain medications and to stop smoking at least two weeks before surgery to hasten the healing process and reduce scarring.

Visualizing the shape, size, symmetry, and final appearance of the breasts are all vital to achieving a body image that you are happy with for the rest of your life.


A variety of surgical methods are used to reduce the size of the breasts and reshape them into the desired cup size and form. These may include liposuction to remove excess fat and incisions to remove excess skin tissue. The tissue is modified into symmetrical shapes that reduce the overall size of the breast when rejoined at the unions.

The typical incisions are made around the areolae and down. However, the nipple and areola are not ordinarily removed from the underlying breast tissue structure unless they need to be repositioned on very large breasts and grafted back into place.

The areola is often reduced in size to achieve the proportional character of the desired breast appearance.


The recovery begins with the application of a surgical wrap or compression bra.

This is chiefly to remove pressure from healing incisions. Tubes may be inserted under the arms where the lymph node saturation is highest to drain the pressure of excess fluid and blood. As standard procedure, pain medicine and antibiotics are prescribed to reduce the risk of infection and any discomfort you may experience immediately after the surgery.

Two weeks later, the sutures are removed. Thereafter, a surgical bra and a limit on physical activities may be required for a short time as the breasts fully heal. Even though the results are immediate, it may take several weeks for the swelling to fully diminish.

In the end, you will have peace of mind knowing that our specialist prides himself on leaving nearly invisible scars which you can expect to fully fade and flatten in 1-year or less.

The Next Step

If a breast reduction is something you may be interested in, please contact us to ask any questions you may have or set up a consultation appointment with our specialist. WhatsApp Direct or +51 977547437


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