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August 22, 2023

Types of Mammoplasty |, , , ,

Mammoplasty treatments include augmentation mammoplasty, reduction mammoplasty, and mastopexy (breast lift). Likewise, there are also treatments for breast asymmetry and removal of breast implants. Breast surgeries have been the most popular surgical procedure for many years. However, there are many different types of breast surgeries. Let’s take a look! AUGMENTATION MAMMOPLASTY This is the number …

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Breast-reduction lima

August 23, 2020

Breast Reduction |, , , ,

Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) is the solution for women who are burdened by the weight and size of their breasts. The excess skin, fat, and other connective tissue is sculpted into a set of shapely, symmetrical breasts that fit the natural contours of the body. When is the Breast Reduction Procedure Advisable? The best candidates …

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