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facial rejuvenation

July 21, 2021

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Worried about sagging, aging, and damaged skin? Well, there are many options for facial rejuvenation with our specialist Dr. Daniel Saco-Vertiz.

Taking care of our skin is very important to enjoy good health and aesthetics. However, there are a number of factors that accelerate the deterioration of our skin, such as time and the environment.


One of the best-known procedures is botox. It is a fast, safe, and painless treatment. It consists of injecting botulinum toxin into the face to rejuvenate the patient’s skin.

The main advantage is that it eliminates wrinkles and expression lines. This gives you great results in a short period of time. In addition, its effects can last from 7 to 10 months.

However, Botox is applied to the upper third of the face. For example, between and around the eyebrows, the forehead, and also the “crow’s feet” to the side of the eyes.

botox lima

Also, another advantage of Botox is that it is a treatment almost anyone can take! Both men and women who want to improve their skin and eliminate fine lines can have botox. However, it is mostly recommended from around the age of 30.

Hyaluronic acid (fillers)

There are a variety of facial fillers that temporarily smooth deeper wrinkles. This treatment helps reduce expression lines and facial wrinkles, restoring volume and fullness to the face

Hyaluronic acid is actually a component that we all have, but it is gradually lost over the years. This loss generates dryness, some sagging, and wrinkles in the skin. Therefore, applying this facial filler will give you the facial rejuvenation you desire.

Most importantly, the main advantage of hyaluronic acid is that it fills in deep wrinkles anywhere on the face. It is also commonly used to eliminate dark bags under the eyes. One of the most popular areas to apply hyaluronic acid is in the lips, achieving a fuller look.

Finally, it is also a quick, safe, and painless procedure with immediate results. Woohoo!

facial rejuvenation

facial rejuvenation

Double chin liposuction

Meanwhile, double chin liposuction is a minor surgical procedure that involves removing the fat located under the chin. Therefore, your face can be harmonized and rejuvenated. Subsequently, a beautiful contour and definition of the jawline are also achieved with this treatment.

This minor surgery is done on an outpatient basis and with sedation. It consists of removing the fat accumulations through very fine cannulas that do not leave scars.

One of the main advantages of double chin liposuction is that it offers immediate results for removing fat around the chin and neck.

This treatment offers incredible aesthetic benefits and in a short time, too. Take a look at these images:

chin lipo jaw definition

double chin lipo

PDO Thread lift

These are very fine threads that are introduced into the skin to achieve facial rejuvenation. It is a treatment that is considered a mini facelift. The main advantage is that it corrects facial flaccidity without undergoing a major surgery like a facelift.

Interestingly, these specialized tightening threads can be applied to any area of the face. Above all, the results of the PDO threads are very good and normally last more than a year.

Facial rejuvenation treatments for people over 40 years old

There are various aesthetic procedures for facial rejuvenation. One of the most popular is lifting. A facelift consists of repositioning the facial structures that have sagged over time.

Therefore, a facelift is a procedure that removes excess skin and tightens the muscles of the face. Most importantly, it eliminates sagging skin, improves wrinkles, and makes a significant difference in the aesthetics of the skin.

facelift lima peru

In addition, a neck lift is also an excellent option. This works the same way as a facelift and allows for the rejuvenation of the neck.

To achieve facial rejuvenation in patients over 40 years of age, our specialist could recommend the combination of both procedures. In other words, a facelift combined with a neck lift is an excellent option for many patients. In this way, we achieve long-lasting aesthetic results.

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