Double Chin Liposuction Surgery


double chin liposuction surgery

April 30, 2021

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One of the problems that affect most people 30 years old and over is excess fat in the chin area, creating a double chin. This is where double chin surgery can be used, normally in the form of a liposuction treatment.

Although there are several methods to eliminate this excess, double chin liposuction is one of the most effective treatments. This patient did chin lipo and also jaw bone defintion with hialuronic acid. Looks great, right?!

chin lipo jaw definition

What is double chin liposuction?

It is a minimally invasive intervention that consists of eliminating excess fat in the neck and double chin.

This procedure provides a smoother, slimmer and more refined look to the neck and chin line. In this way, the balance and harmony of the patient’s face is restored.

How is the treatment performed?

Double chin liposuction is not a complicated or risky procedure. It is performed on an outpatient basis and normally under local anesthesia.

First, small incisions are made at strategic points to achieve invisibility in scarring. Next, very thin extraction cannulas (2-3 mm) are used to remove the excess fat and avoid scarring on the skin. This technique allows you to have the dream results without visible traces or scars.

In some cases, patients will need to combine double chin liposuction with a neck lift. However, this only occurs in those who have very short necks or narrow jaws, or have extremely saggy skin.

double chin liposuction surgery

Who can have double chin liposuction?

This surgery is ideal for people who have excess fat in the neck and chin area.

Despite leading a healthy lifestyle, there are many patients who still cannot eliminate the excess double chin. In cases like these, liposuction is the ideal option.

Although a person can undergo double chin liposuction at any age, the ideal time is between 30 to 50 years.

How is the postoperative recovery?

Double chin liposuction is a simple and almost painless procedure. Therefore, recovery is not complex and complications are extremely rare.

The patient should wear a band in the operated area for three to four days. At first, this area will be swollen and purple, but the discomfort will disappear after about a week.

Likewise, after the first week has passed, the patient will be able to resume their work and social activities.

It is important to follow all of the recommendations provided by your specialist to achieve optimal recovery and successful results.

Dr Daniel SacoVertiz is our Specialist in plastic surgery and rejuvenation treatments.

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