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Vitamin C

September 11, 2018

Vitamin C Mega Dosage – Immune System Reinforcement |, ,

Vitamin C mega dosage by intravenous application and the benefits of Vitamin C in general medicine and aesthetics are indisputable.

Firstly, it is a great antioxidant. As an ascorbic acid, its use in aesthetics is very advanced. The idea is to not only use it topically or orally because the doses are very small but to perform a treatment with intravenous ”megadoses” that goes straight to plasma to achieve a better effect.

Although the aesthetic result is expected, the patient also achieves a feeling of well-being, since this injection of Vitamin C helps to improve overall health.

Being an antioxidant, Vitamin C captures free radicals which are responsible for 90% of systemic illnesses and can destroy them when high doses are given, improving the immune system.


In aesthetics, it maintains its importance in the following cases:

1. It is the number one anti-aging tool.

2. Procollagens are produced from ascorbic acid so once it is applied, then collagen production begins.

3. It is a must-have tool to reduce skin injuries.

4. It has been called the stress hormone. Once applied, the patient also feels much more relaxed and rejuvenated.


Oral dosages are very small compared to mega doses given by intravenous meaning the result is fast and evident.

Vitamin C is dissolved in distilled water and applied via IV, a process that takes 15 minutes and lacks pain and other discomforts. It is advisable to ingest water during the procedure.

How Much Vitamin C?

Each infusion bottle is 50ml which contains 7.5 grams of ascorbic acid (vitamin c). It is possible to receive up to 4 infusion bottles per appointment. There are some brands of vitamin c that offer 25 grams per infusion – please ask us about this option.

vitmain c iv

Immune System Reinforcement

Studies prove that Vitamin C gives a valuable boost in the healing process after a surgical intervention and is recommended to be taken at the time of the procedure.

Diabetic patients, those with Alzheimer’s, allergies and other people with bad habits such as tobacco and alcohol, are candidates for the application of Vitamin C because these conditions can be dramatically improved.

The use of Vitamin C in high doses as a treatment for cancer was promoted by Linus Pauling, based on a 1976 study published with Ewan Cameron which reported intravenous Vitamin C significantly increased lifespans of patients with advanced cancer.

Meanwhile, the American Cancer Society has stated, “Although high doses of vitamin C have been suggested as a cancer treatment, the available evidence from clinical trials has not shown any benefit.”

Having said that, many patients with serious illnesses such as cancer who have taken these intravenous Mega Doses claim to feel better, look better and perform their daily routines more efficiently after a series of treatments over a relatively short period of time.

Wikipedia has many interesting facts which can be read by clicking here 


Any side-effects for applying Vitamin C megadoses are relative. The most common ‘complaint’ is that of diarrhea as the body keeps what it needs and eliminates the excess quickly.

In patients with chronic renal failure it is preferable not to apply this treatment because Vitamin C is metabolized to the kidney, similarly in very difficult anemias or genetic diseases, then a previous study is required for assessment.

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  • kayMay 27, 2018

    I see the cost of mega doses of vitamin C IV.. but it does not say how many doses are require. I would like to know the millagrams for the IV dose, how many are required and so forth to determine how long i have to be in peru. my friend has breast cancer and i have meningioma (braintumor) we are both interested in getting optimal, true mega doses not available in USA at this time. I know three people cured by mega doses in peru.

    • Lloyd HannisMay 28, 2018

      Hi there! These are good questions which we’ll reply to you via email. Thanks!


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