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3D CAD CAM Crowns

February 12, 2019

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3D CAD CAM restorations by CEREC Systems are the revolutionary state-of-the-art way to restore teeth and create metal free crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays and bridges in just one short session.


Really, just one-appointment? How does CEREC work?

Firstly, the tooth is prepared, removing cavity or old leaking fillings.

Then, a fast, comfortable digital scan is taken.

From the scan, the restoration is designed in 3D on the computer screen.

Finally, the new tooth is milled in-house in just a few short minutes using ceramic, e.max, zirconium or other ceramics. The ceramic used will depend on what we recommend for your bite. Once milled, the restoration is placed in your mouth which is where it stays, for good.

All this happens during one short appointment, in about one hour!

Advantages of CEREC

The advantages of this system are that old-fashioned impressions are not necessary. Impressions often make people gag and are uncomfortable. There’s also no waiting for external lab work because everything is done in-house. Restorations are metal-free and are made from a variety of different grades of ceramic.

Another advantage is that the software of this system includes smile-design technology meaning that several teeth are scanned, designed and made in just one appointment, reducing your visits to the dentist and advancing treatments quicker, while maintaining high standards and very favorable results.

Latest Advances of CEREC 2019

CEREC is also used for the second phase of the implant procedure. Our dentist is the only dentist in Lima that custom-makes abutments and crowns over implants using CEREC, giving extremely high precision results and metal-free restorations in just one short session.


The Final Word…

This is the beauty of CEREC. High-quality equipment, beautiful 3D design, on-site milling, and one-appointment restorations, completing treatments on the same day.

No more hassle and no more time-wasting is great news for everyone!


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