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April 21, 2019

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An arm lift, also known as an arm tuck, underarm surgery or brachioplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to remove excess skin and fat from the upper arms. Thinner, more toned arms can allow you to feel more confident in short-sleeve tops and swimsuits.

With age, gravity and in some cases weight loss, the tissue in our arms starts to sag. This is a particularly annoying problem for women because they store more fat in their upper arm. Women also don’t have the muscle tone to maintain a good definition.

Whether the skin has been stretched by age or weight gain and loss, it cannot be improved by exercise. Actually, arm lift surgery is the only answer.


When is the Arm Lift Procedure Advisable?

Anyone who has a large amount of excess ‘wobbly’ skin under their upper arm and would like to significantly improve their appearance is probably a good candidate for an arm lift.

However, just about anyone in good health, with good skin elasticity and enough sagging flesh can benefit from the arm lift surgery. This also helps to reverse the signs of aging.

Patients that suffer from uncontrollable diabetes or who suffer from other disorders that interfere with healing must discuss these issues with our English-speaking doctor to fully assess the risks and options for taking treatment.

Smokers will need to quit smoking for at least two weeks before surgery and two weeks after.

Overview of the Arm Lift Procedure



At the consultation, our specialist will discuss your medical history and provide you with before and after photographs to give you an idea of the results you can expect following the arm lift procedure.

He will help you determine whether an arm lift surgery is right for you, and how much skin and fat he recommends being removed, having fully assessed you.


Arm lift surgery is normally performed under general anesthesia and does not typically require an overnight stay in the clinic. The surgery usually takes around two hours.

After marking the areas to be treated, our specialist plastic surgeon will carefully make incisions along the underarm area so that any scarring will be as inconspicuous and as minimal as possible.

Excess skin and underlying tissue will then be removed. The specialist will close the incisions, apply bandages, and in some cases, place drains to promote better healing and prevent fluid retention.

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We will provide you with a compression garment which must be worn at all times for the following days, with the exception of showing and cleaning the incision areas.

You will not be able to drive or complete simple day to day tasks for a short time, so will need help at home for the first few days.

Immediately after the treatment, you should only consume liquids. Later, after several hours have passed, you can move on to more solid foods.

Refraining from strenuous activity for about six weeks is required until the healing phase is almost complete. Taking brief walks will help prevent blood clots and promote quicker healing.

Maintaining Arm Lift Results

Final results will not be seen for about two or three months following treatment. The tiny scars from the incisions will continue to fade as time passes but these are barely noticeable anyway.

If you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and consistent weight, your arm lift results can last for years.

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