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Hair transplant lima

August 2, 2018

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Hair implants (also known as hair transplants) with our English-speaking doctor in Lima, are used to treat male and female pattern baldness. This is a minimally invasive procedure where hair follicles are taken from an area that is resistant to balding, such as the back of the head, and transplanted to the bald or balding area of the scalp.

The amount of baldness or thinning the patient has will depend on the amount of time and sessions needed to achieve a satisfactory result.

Depending on the size of the area where the hair transplants are being placed, the process will take between 4 to 8 hours. Meanwhile, consideration should be taken that you might need another procedure later if you continue to lose hair or decide you want thicker hair.

There are two scientifically proven techniques for hair transplants.

hair transplant lima

  1. Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) which is also known as Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS)

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure which uses a technique to detach follicles from the back or side of the head. These are the areas which are more resistant to hair loss. The hair is then placed into the area of thinning or baldness.

FUT is a Gold Standard technique for hair implants and transplant which can cover a substantial area of baldness in a single appointment without damaging graft or donor areas of the scalp.

The FUT hair implant restoration is a widely accepted technique which is most suitable for covering a higher grade of hair loss and also suitable for offering high-density hair transplants on the patient’s scalp.

Advantages of FUT hair transplants procedure

  • Painless technique
  • No side effects and little maintenance required
  • Covers higher bald area in a single sitting
  • The graft damage rate is less than 1%
  • Gives an amazing result with a high-density hair transplant
  • The possibility of multiple sessions without affecting the donor density
  1. Follicular Unit Extraction – FUE

In this hair transplant procedure, an instrument called a fine punch is used to extract hair follicles. This instrument is less than 1 millimeter in diameter.

After numbing the donor area with anesthesia, the instrument is used with a high magnification microscope to separate and extract the hair follicle. The small and multiple spots left on the donor area of the scalp recover over the following days and gradually disappear.

The FUE hair transplant technique is widely accepted as the best way to replace hair, including eyebrow transplant, mustache transplant or mild baldness hair transplant.

Advantages of FUE hair transplants procedure

  • It is the best suited for those who need a lesser number of follicles implanted and in the case of a lesser grade of baldness.
  • Those that have tight and less elasticity of the scalp
  • It can be performed in a single session

Hair transplant in Lima has become more popular with doctors receiving excellent, internationally recognized training on the best and most successful techniques.

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