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Cosmetic Surgery: Peru and the Medical Tourism Boom



November 22, 2016

Cosmetic Surgery: Peru and the Medical Tourism Boom |,

Today, access to the possibilities of a “retouch” in our figure is much more viable for many people thanks to cosmetic surgery. Procedures include those that offer a very quick recovery, almost pain-free and with very little discomfort. The demand for these services of Cosmetic Surgery in Peru has grown and it is possible to see clinics of a very high level in many suburbs of the city. The clinics of Cosmetic Surgery in Peru have a wide variety of procedures, ranging from a rectification of the shape of the nose through a rhinoplasty, to an integral liposuction (with reduction or increase through implants), through to the popular face lift procedure or a very natural rise of the bust.

This growth has two large open markets: the domestic market, including men and women of different ages (from 16 or 17 to over 50) who in all cities yearn to improve their appearance, and the external market constituted mainly by inhabitants from the United States and Latin American countries, who wish to not only visit Machu Picchu or the Amazon, but also find the source of youth and beauty in one of our renowned and prestigious Cosmetic Surgery clinics. Peru, in that sense, is becoming an important focus of so-called “cosmetic surgery tourism” since prices are highly competitive, not only with the United States but also with Argentina, Mexico and Brazil, which until recently were heading the plastic surgery industry.

According to some data collected unofficially, the contingent of cosmetic tourism consumers is 70% women and the age range is between 35 and 55. Many of our compatriots return to Peru to make these aesthetic improvements and when they return to their countries of residence having had the services, they are the best letter of presentation of the high level offered by the professionals in Cosmetic Surgery in Peru. And… thinking about it, making a trip of pleasure that culminates in a modern clinic, with a professional intervention of great quality, plus a period of recovery in a pleasant hotel, then returning home renewed inside and out… doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all!

Whether local or foreign, it is important to know that before an operation of Cosmetic Surgery in Peru, unlike what some might think, requires specialists to comply with safety protocols, thus protecting the health of patients, including some of the recommendations we have reached. Prior to your Surgery in Peru, the patient will not be able to take any medication without the specialist’s consent, especially if it contains acetyl salicylic acid or any of its derivatives. In previous communications, you will have reported any treatment or medication you have been receiving including natural remedies for the flu, contraceptives or sleeping pills, to antibiotics or medicine of any kind. Cigarettes should leave your life at least three weeks before the intervention and two after it. Twenty-four hours before surgery you will not be able to ingest alcoholic beverages and only consume soft food. On the day of the operation, it is posible that you observe total fasting and you will also not be able to consume water eight hours before the procedure.

Cosmetic Surgery in Peru is a new boom which offers great benefits to those visiting Peru for business or pleasure.

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