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January 19, 2021

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Stem cells are powerful tools that we can now use to treat injury and illness. Stem cells are the primordial building blocks of all human life. At the start of life, they divide over and over to create a person from an embryo. As time goes by, they also replenish cells in the body.

Your body contains a DNA blueprint of your musculoskeletal system so that it can rebuild when it has the concentrated building materials on hand to do so. This is where stem cells come in to play.

Our focus is repairing and regenerating nerve, ligament, cartilage, muscle and severely damaged tendon tissues. These tissues do not heal easily on their own, if at all, without stem cell treatments. A single application of stem cells directly into the injured area benefits the patient. It promotes healing and rapid anti-inflammatory relief.

In order to put a perspective on how valuable cartilage is, we will consider the following: healthy articular cartilage absorbs the shock of up to twenty times the normal body weight placed on your knees. People who suffer from osteoarthritis face a gradual loss of this precious cartilage. If left untreated, it eventually leads to irreversible bone-on-bone joint pain. Stem cell treatments can reverse the deterioration and save patients from knee replacements.

stem cells

When is Stem Cells Treatment Advisable?

People suffering from cartilage degeneration between their vertebrae, knees, elbows, or other joints make up the prime candidates. Star athletes and ordinary people alike who suffer from severe injuries that normally require major surgery are also top of the list for stem cell treatments.

Because the stem cells used are produced by the patient’s own body, they are a universally safe and effective treatment for cellular damage and inflammation.

Is it Safe?

Stem cell treatment is available and regulated in Lima, Peru. Now, in 2021, this is not the taboo subject it was years ago when treatment was new and still under development. Tried and tested, world-class medical care with our English-speaking specialist makes this highly technical procedure reliable, predictable and affordable. This means it is no longer a treatment reserved for celebrity athletes.

Overview of the Stem Cells Treatment


Adult Stem Cell Extraction

In order to reduce the risk of rejection, stem cells are harvested directly from your own fatty tissues and isolated in a state-of-the-art sterilized lab. These stem cells are often referred to in medical literature using the terms “pluripotent” or “mesenchymal”.

This class of stem cells can identify damage at the site of injection and transform into the muscle, ligament and cartilage tissues where needed. This is what makes them particularly favorable for osteoarthritis and other athletic injuries.

The Stem Cell Procedure

Once the cells are prepared and processed in the lab, our specialist will apply them directly into the area of damaged tissue. He may use special imaging and other techniques to verify the extent of tissue degeneration before treatment begins.

Ligaments have their own issue. They lack developed vascular systems to transfer stem cells via ordinary circulation. Therefore, applying a concentrated batch of stem cells directly into the point of injury can eliminate the need for major reconstructive surgery.

Muscle tissue will use minimal resources to recover and regenerate itself after a serious tear or injury unless abundant stem cells are available. Again, applying stem cells promotes natural regeneration and healthy tissue growth.

Cartilage lacks access to stem cell material entirely because it has no vascular infrastructure. Applying a concentrated solution into injured areas can provide years of relief from even chronic degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis.

The Next Step

You should consider a minimum stay in Lima of 10 days to allow for the extraction, preparation, and application of the cells. Please contact us if you are interested in making an appointment for this treatment.

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    Podría enviarme información relacionada al proceso de stem cell incluyendo costos

  • Marco ValleMarch 11, 2020

    I am interested in Stem Cell Treatment for both my knees. Please send me information and cost. Thank you.
    Marco Valle

    • LloydMarch 12, 2020

      Hello Marco. Thank you for the comment on our page. We have replied by email with more information.


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