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Cosmetic / Plastic Surgery

Enhance your self-esteem & confidence by rejuvenating your body and soul.

Plastic surgery is a medical procedure with the purpose of altering or restoring the form of the body. Although cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is the most well-known kind of plastic surgery, it also includes reconstructive surgery, craniofacial surgery, hand surgery and treatment of burns or scars. We list some of the most common procedures on this web page but many others are also available. Please contact us us if you don’t see what you are looking for.

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Breast Augmentation or Enlargement

This procedure increases the size of the breasts using a special implant and is performed under general anesthesia, meaning you are asleep during the procedure and do not feel any discomfort.

Firstly, our specialist will discuss every option with you, answering all your questions and deciding the location of the incision which will be the area used to insert the implants. Read more here.


Once you are happy, the operation can begin and the implants placed. Stitches are used to seal the incision and a dressing placed to temporarily cover the area. Breast augmentations are usually an outpatient surgery and most patients go home to rest and recover the same day. However, some cases will require an overnight stay.

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Breast Lift Surgery

As a woman’s breasts change over the years, they lose their youthful look and firmness. This is when a woman can consider a breast lift, also known as a mastopexy. In this surgery, the breasts are raised by removing excess skin and tightening the remaining tissue, which reshapes and supports the new, youthful looking breast contour. Read more here.

Statistics from The American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that breast lifts have grown in popularity by 70% since 2000, outpacing breast implants 2-1.

Female Breast Reduction

This is a treatment to reduce the weight and volume of a woman’s breasts. Like breast augmentation, it is usually done under general anesthetic meaning that you will be asleep and not feel any discomfort.

In this procedure, excess skin and breast tissue are both removed. The remaining breast tissue is reshaped to create smaller and more elevated breasts. Read more here.

male breast reduction

Male Breast Reduction Surgery

is sometimes needed when the male breasts become enlarged, often due to poor diet, lack of exercise and alcohol intake. However, these are not the only causes. Men, like women, can also have an abnormal growth of glandular breast tissue, often because of hormone imbalance. This procedure is normally carried out under general anesthesia meaning that the patient is asleep. The surgeon makes an incision around the nipple, and liposuction is often used to remove excess fatty tissue.

You will normally be required to stay overnight before being discharged the following day. This is an effective way to reduce the male breast area and create a more flattened shape. Results are normally permanent, but diet and life style changes should also be made. Read more here.

Facial Implants

such as chin implants or cheek implants are designed to augment, reconstruct, or rejuvenate your facial contours. They are available in a wide range of sizes and styles which restore contour and/or proportion to your face. Facial implants can be used to augment your chin and jaw, or to provide the sculpted cheekbones that you desire.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Breast Reconstruction

A breast reconstruction surgery is a treatment used to recreate the breast mound to match the remaining natural breast. There are two main types of reconstruction:

1. Prosthetic reconstruction is when implants are used. These are expandable and usually enlarged over a process of three to six months to the desired size, enabling skin to gradually stretch, until they are the desired size.

2. Autogenous reconstruction is where tissue from other areas of the woman’s body is used to create the breast mound. Tissue is moved from the back, buttocks, thighs or abdomen to the chest where it is shaped under the skin to make the new breast. Because this tissue is alive and natural, it provides the most normal shape and feel to the reconstructed breast. Read more here.


A rhinoplasty, also known as a ‘nose job’ is the most popular cosmetic surgery performed today and is used to reshape the nose. The two main techniques used in this surgery are called ‘open’ and ‘closed’.

‘Open’ procedure means that the incision is made across the columella, the narrow strip of tissue that separates the nostrils and the ‘Closed’ procedure means that the incisions are made on the inside of the nose.

A rhinoplasty does not normally take more than a couple of hours, at most. Read more here.


We cannot possibly list every treatment our doctors perform and many other treatments are also available. Please contact us if you do not see what you are looking for.

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